Saturday, July 6, 2013

Know Thyself

---by Megan Orillion

As I entered into middle school, high school, and through college, I started to ask myself the BIG questions

Who am I?
What do I stand for?
Where am I going?

If you would have asked me if I had the answers to these questions during that time, I would have acted as if I did, however, I had no idea. I was too busy being carbon copies of the people around me. 

The truth was, I did not want to know myself because I believed the lie that so many people do. I believed that if people really knew me, and what I was about, they would not think I was good enough. Instead, I made desperate attempts to be liked by my peers, to be “loved” by guys, and to be a part of the "in crowd."

My faith in high school was not strong, nor was it a priority.  I only prayed to God when I wanted or needed something.  Since I did not know Him, I did not know myself. 

You may ask, "Why is knowing yourself so important?" 

There are six and half billion people on this planet, and not one of them is like you. Even identical twins have a different fingerprint. There is no one else on this earth exactly like you. God created each of us in His image. There is a reason behind every part of you. There is a reason why God did not just make us all the same. You fulfill a place in this world no one else can. How often though, in trying to fit in or to be accepted, do we throw "our image in Him" away and become just like everybody else. 

"Who am I" is a question you will be defining for the rest of you life. Your actions throughout your life will be the answers to that question. 

When you reflect on your life thus far, are you happy with the answers you have made? Where are your answers leading you? 

You have three options:

| 1 | You can allow others to decide where your life path is headed

| 2 | You can decide where your life path is headed

| 3 | You can allow God to to lead you on the life path He created just for you

In my lifetime, I have tried out all three of these options. I strongly encourage you to pick the 3rd option. God has the desires of your heart in mind. He will lead you to the truth. In other words, He will you lead you to Himself. When you are close to Him and know His love, you will discover the fullness of who He created you to be.Unveiling who God created Megan to be, was one the greatest gifts of my life. 

It is my PRAYER, and my HOPE that you will get to
unveil the beauty and fullness of who God created you to be. 

Megan Orillion is passionately Catholic, a rookie wife to her cute husband, blogger and speaker on women’s issues, creator of beauty through paper goods (aka loves to craft), and a wannabe fashionista. She blogs at

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