Monday, March 3, 2014

Prepping for Lent

Can you believe tomorrow is Mardi Gras?! Lent really snuck up on me this year! My husband Frank and I have been discussing all weekend what we're going to give up (or do) for Lent and we still haven't decided.

Frank's theory is, "Whatever your significant other gives up, you kind of give up too," because no one wants to be the jerk noshing alone on ice cream while your spouse casts you baleful glances of envy. (Not that I would ever do that...) So this year we're trying to decide on penances together. We'll see how that goes!

If you're in the same undecided camp as we are, I rounded up a few resources to give you some ideas:

Simcha's list of Lenten rookie mistakes

Kathryn shares How to make Lent 40 days of awesome

Kendra has the greatest list of 66 Things to Give Up or Take Up for Lent (in beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

And in case you want to try a really difficult cool idea, I was inspired by one family's "year without a purchase." Do you think you could make it through Lent without a purchase? I don't know if I could!

These are just a tiny handful of all the great articles out there. What are some of your favorite resources to prepare for Lent?

Have a great Fat Tuesday! We'll be enjoying classic Polish paczki (pronounced punch-key) at our church's Mardi Gras party. What do you and your family do to celebrate Mardi Gras?

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  1. I loved this. Thank you so much! :) How blessed we are to have forty days to enter the silence, calm down, and just simplify. God bless!


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