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Though we have a staff of regular contributors, we never like to think of them as the ones who really run the blog. Because an important aspect of The Catholic Young Woman is the community of young ladies striving for true femininity, the input of our readers is just as important.

With that in mind, we'd like to encourage you to feel free to share your thoughts in the form of an article published on the blog. Read through the following and consider submitting an article.

1. The subjects that fit The Catholic Young Woman are numerous... Catholic womanhood, clothes, beauty, spirituality, tea, books, hats and gloves, flowers, friendship... anything that would be of interest to young ladies is a fitting article for the blog. Browse through the blog to get an idea of what we cover here.
(We're currently in the process of putting together a running list of popular topics at CYW and what they consist of, which will hopefully be a useful springboard for inspiration.)
2. We encourage young single ladies to share their thoughts and hearts, but this blog isn't restricted to the young and unwed. We cherish the advice of older women!
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4. Keep in mind that article submissions may be edited, for clarity, for a more streamlined approach, or just for a better presentation on the blog.
5. Articles won't necessarily be published as soon as received. They may be put on hold until a timely moment comes up. You will, however, receive an email to let you know that your article has been accepted and will be published at some date.
    God bless!