The personal resources of femininity are certainly no less than the resources of masculinity: they are merely different. Hence a woman, as well as a man, must understand her "fulfillment" as a person, her dignity and vocation, on the basis of these resources, according to the richness of the femininity which she received on the day of creation and which she inherits as an expression of the "image and likeness of God" that is specifically hers.
~ from Mulieris Dignitatem by Pope John Paul II ~

This blog was created in June 2007 to fill what seemed to be an empty spot in the online Catholic world. There were blogs and websites dedicated to various aspects of Catholic living, but none that was specifically dedicated to encouraging young ladies to genuine Catholic womanhood with a little bit of an old-fashioned flair.

The Catholic Young Woman is a blog written for young ladies with the purpose of providing such encouragement. Modern society disapproves of the ideas of femininity as laid out by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Mulieris Dignitatem. We at this blog believe in it and support it. We believe in the importance of motherhood in every state of life, in the importance of the family in society, and in the importance of women living out a truly feminine faith.

The Catholic Young Woman has no weight of authority, but is simply a place where young ladies can be comfortably feminine and find the encouragement to bring that femininity out into a disparaging society. We do, however, adhere faithfully to all the teachings of the Catholic Church and profess loyalty to the Magisterium.

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