Friday, November 15, 2013

Walk with Jesus, Part 2

Though it had taken me awhile to fall in love with Scripture the way I should, I was pretty much doomed from the beginning. The rosary had always been my favorite devotion as a child.

What is the rosary? When you get right down to it, the rosary is a meditation on Scripture.

With the exception of the very last two mysteries, every single one of them is taken directly from Scripture. The rosary is a mini-tour of the life and death of our Savior. For those of you who have longed to be with Him, to walk alongside of Him, this is your way to do it.

But because the mysteries are taken from Scripture, you won't be as able to contemplate on them fully unless... you read Scripture!! If you know the context of these key moments in Our Lord's time on earth, you'll be better able to sink into meditation on them.

When you pray the first decade of the rosary, the mystery of the Annunciation, are you able to bring to mind the words that were said between them? Read these passages. Think about them.

The more you read Scripture, the richer your meditations can become. The story of Jesus isn't limited to what is happening in the moment. If you have a good knowledge of the Old Testament as well, you can draw together the threads of prophecy and and fulfillment as you pray. You can be astonished on a deeper level at who this Jesus Christ is.

And then pull in the books following the Gospels. 

As you meditate on the mystery of the Crucifixion, you can bring to mind the words of each of the Gospels and their accounts of Christ's death. You can bring to mind the prophecies about it. You can bring to mind what His disciples said about its spiritual and theological significance. In the course of that decade, you can do a deep study of the Jesus you love.

The more your mind is filled with what Scripture has given us, the more your imagination can go to work. You can picture what is occurring because you have read about it. You can hear the voice of Christ because you know what His words were.

Doesn't this just make you want to pull out your Bible and rosary? Go ahead!

Walk with Jesus. Follow Him through His life and passion. Get to know Him.

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  1. Oh I am doing a Scripture study for school this year, I definitely realize more than ever just how RICH so many of our prayers are as Catholics! The Mass is richer, the Rosary is richer, Lectio Divina is richer (knowing the context of so many more things)...the list is extensive. These are great posts, doing a great job explaining how important Scripture is in life. Since your first post, I've been reading the Bible each night before bed; I was really struck by the thought that if I really believed that the Bible was written by the God of the universe, I would never fail to read His word each day. Thanks so much!


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