Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

There are the days when life seems to be all about waiting.

Things will be better when I have a man. Things will be better when we're engaged. Things will be better when we're married.

There are so many things about the way we are now that leave us discontented. And the solution is always lurking around the bend of the future. It's out of our control, but we know: things will be better when it happens.

After years of waiting and sharing the dreams of my heart with other girls my age, it's incredibly surreal to find that I'm at the place I longed for. It still startles me when I'm in the middle of a heart-to-heart conversation to recall that those dreams have come true. And from the perspective of those single girls, I've got it made.

Don't I, after all? I have the most amazing husband in the world - handsome, kind, witty, charming, devout - and I have a little home where we're slowly setting up our life together.

Yes, I guess I do have it made. But whether or not that's true largely depends on me.

Because there are the days when I don't have it made. There are the days when I'm cynical and anxious.

Contrary to popular belief, marriage doesn't end the waiting. There are still so many unfulfilled dreams.

You wait for a baby, because marriage isn't a guarantee that you'll have one. You wait for a house, because as nice as your little apartment is, it's not a house of your own. You wait for something as small as a coffee table.

The waiting never ends. We'll never be fully satisfied, because we were made to be content with one thing alone: an eternity with God. As long as we're traveling through life, we'll be like all travelers... anxious to reach our rest.

But this doesn't mean that we'll be unhappy as long as we're on earth. We do have it made, right now, no matter what we're waiting for. Though we see Him dimly compared to what awaits, we do see God.

This prospect of endless waiting seemed daunting to me at first. But now I realize that it gives me HOPE above all. No matter where we are in our lives, we're all waiting. No matter what it is we're waiting for, we'll never be at rest until we're with God. The struggles of our personal lives only remind us of what we dream of in eternity, and encourage us to reach out to others.

Because even those who in the eyes of others have it made still understand the pain of waiting.

So wherever you are and whatever you're waiting for, know that you have my prayers. Pray for me as well. There are things my heart longs for so deeply. 


  1. Beautiful, and such an important reminder. This reality of "waiting" and longing is a beautiful joy if we truly keep our gaze and hearts set upon He who can satisfy our greatest hunger and desire. To know we are made for fulfillment in God alone is an awareness brought upon by grace. This echoes the words of St. Augustine who reminds us that our hearts are restless unil they rest in our Lord. Thank you for your post and for being so open and honest about your journey. I pray that many young women receive your words with openness and hope! +JMJ

  2. This was beautiful, Clare... you have a lovely gift for words that capture the feelings that are unsaid in each of our hearts. <3 Thank you so much.
    God bless!

  3. This is a bummer for those of us who want to get married. But as no stranger to (unrequited) love, I can't imagine its fruition will be as disappointing as this makes it sound.

  4. This was so beautiful, and once again, just what I needed to hear. I have to keep reminding myself that marriage and family, though an amazingly beautiful gift, is not the end of my "waiting". The end of my waiting will be when I am one day happily abiding in God's kingdom. Thank you so much for your wonderful post! Hope you are doing well, Clare! <3


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