Friday, February 17, 2012

Right Now

Somewhere out there is a man. Perhaps I've met him already. Perhaps I haven't. Either way, someday he'll be mine and I'll be his. It will be ours to help one another to Christ, ours to raise our children for Him, ours to spend a life of love together.

"My future husband" isn't just a name for something that will spring into existence when that future comes. Right now he's living, breathing, laughing, working, and maybe, like me, he's waiting. Right now he's doing something, right now he's in the middle of living his life.

I wish, how I wish, that I could be with him now, doing with him whatever it is that he's doing. How I wish I could support him in his great endeavors, laugh at his jokes, and tell him how much he means to me.

But that's not now. That's later.

Yet he lives and breathes, and because of this I don't have to wait until later to do anything at all for him. Now, right this instant, I can give him a precious gift: the gift of my prayers.

Many things will have to wait until later. But now, though I'm not even sure if I've ever seen his face, I can give him an abundance of treasure. This very moment I can send him messages of love in my prayers for his health, safety, and faith.
Prayer isn't something for later. Prayer is for now.


  1. Oh yes! I do this all the time -- pray for my future husband, and also for the young men in my life right now. I feel sometimes that I cannot do anything else, but I CAN always pray. Sometimes, I wish these men would know that I am praying for them, but I can't ever work up the nerve to tell them...

    Thank you for putting my thoughts into words!

    --Liz B

  2. Thank you! This is a wonderful and encouraging post. It is a good reminder of what we can be doing!

  3. It's a little mind boggling to think about the fact that there is a man out there living his life and may someday be a part of mine. It's much easier for the mind to think of him as popping into existence the moment we first meet as you said. But when you think about it like the former, it's hard NOT to pray for him! He's going through his own struggles as we all do and needs prayer. It's nice to know I can do a something for him even though I may not have met him, yet. Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

  4. "Right now he's living, breathing, laughing, working, and maybe, like me, he's waiting." - I never thought about it this way, but it's so true!

  5. It seems a bit scary to think of my future husband actually living and breathing at this very moment! Maybe he is in the internet, as i am, or reading, or playing basketball.... This post really made me think. Thank you! Now i know who to add to my daily prayer list:)

  6. Thanks so much for this. It's so awesome to think that somewhere out there, my future spouse is living his life! The idea of waiting patiently for my husband is something that I have trouble with. I'm 21, and have never had a boyfriend, but I know that God has a plan for me, and if my vocation is to married life, He has a wonderful man out there saved just for me! Your blog is very helpful in reminding me of this. I've prayed for my future husband before, but I will definitely try to pray for him with regularity. Thank you!


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